New Window Jammer Range

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Another product to add to the growing SASHSTOP range is the new and innovative Window Jammer...


Think of it as a sash jammer for windows, but with the Window Jammer you don't need to drill anything, simply remove the existing handle by unscrewing the screws, sit the Window Jammer underneath the handle and screw the handle back into position. There is then the option to use the plastic button pads and/or striking plates to "reduce" the gap between the window and the frame, hopefully ensuring a nice snug fit!


SASHSTOP Window Jammer Range


Once again, this product is proudly Made in Britain - and that is certainly evident when it comes to the feel and quality of our innovative new product.


Being pretty versatile too our Window Jammer range can also be used to secure windows with a broken mechanism or even handle perhaps, or as a temporary option such as an overnight lock. Being installed so quickly with no mess from drilling being required is a huge time-saver and a bonus too, and being non intrusive to the frame means it can also be removed if required at a later stage - just as easily and quickly as it was installed too!


Available in the colours of White, Chrome and Brass - we have found our Window Jammer will fit the majority of upvc window handle based on the 43mm centres...


For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the SASHSTOP Team, call or WhatsApp 01482 753283.