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The SASHSTOP Original was the first model that we designed, it has been created to allow internal and external operation independently from one another. This patented mechanism is what gives the product the versatility and allows it to be used within a number of different scenarios and circumstances.

Our SASHSTOP Original can be used on PVCu and composite doors, but a recent modification has allowed an additional part to be used with the product for use on Wooden doors as well. Installation to these types of doors might differ slightly, however when used with the SASHSTOP Installation Jig it can ensure that the product is correctly and reliably installed each and every time.

We believe that the number of uses for the SASHSTOP is endless; from locksmiths to amateur DIYers, but here are just a few factors to highlight just how versatile the product is:

  • Additional Security on your doors (and windows)
  • Offers reassurance and peace-of-mind when used
  • Why use a cheap sash jammer when you are talking security of your home
  • Key-lock allows the internal arm to be overridden externally
  • Perfect for use with elderly, children or vulnerable where a lock can be applied internally, offering peace-of-mind and reassurance, but then can be overridden externally by a key-holder if the person needs assistance
  • Night-shift workers, family can sleep soundly knowing the door is secured, but the family member returning from work can unlock and gain entry before reapplying once inside the house
  • Considered an anti-separation device as it creates a snug fit between the door and the frame
  • Can be used and considered as an overnight-latch equivalent
  • No need to replace your door, upgrade it with a SASHSTOP!

  • Brand: SASHSTOP
  • Part Number: 190103
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